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Join the fonio revolution: 
the Ancient GRAIN of TODAY!

FONIO packed with essential amino acids – fibre
vitamins – minerals Fe Ca Mg

  • Sustainable and Organic
  • Nutritious and Gluten free
  • Easy and Tasty

Good for you, the farmers
and the planet!

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Fonio semolina to make your daily breakfast. Ready in 5 minutes. Take any topping according to your mood.

Breakfast or lunch with vegan fonio pancakes. Cover with savoury or sweet vegan choices.

Make a lunch of “ready to eat” fonio Mafe mix Fonio base with spices, herbs, peanuts, onionsTake with a simple salad.

An easy dinner with the easy fonio Creole mix Fonio with tropical spices, mango and onions. Combine with salad and (veggie) chicken or fish.

Take your time and relax while preparing dinner. With  precooked fonio making poke bowl by the recipe, make it more simple  or use your own phantasy.


Glutenfree and more

Fonio is a whole grain, gluten free by nature and does not contain any other allergens. It is tasty and the easy digesting abilities make it suitable for young and old.


Fonio can be used in any dish. For breakfast as porridge. As a salad or like couscous for lunch. For dinner instead of rice or other grains. 
It can be boiled steamed or baked. Use the flour in any bakery products. It enhances the nutritional value of your food.


Fonio is high in protein with essential amino acids like methionine and cysteine. Important for vegans and vegetarian. Packed with B vitamins and minerals calcium, iron, zinc,  magnesium, manganese. The grain is high in fibre and low in fat and sugar, low GI.

Easy and Tasty

Fonio is easy to prepare in 5 minutes for fast cooking, steaming or baking. The smell and taste are delicious.

Organic and sustainable

Fonio grows fast in 6 weeks at the border of the Sahel dessert without any fertilizer or pesticides. It grows and is processed natural and is certified organic.

Ancient grain

Fonio has been cultivated for 5000 years.It has recently been approved by the EU as novel food and is now emerging and gaining popularity in the Western World as a nutritious, gluten free super grain, valued by conscious consumers.

Social Impact

Fonio is cultivated and processed by women communities in Burkina Faso, selling fonio on the market and the surplus for fair export. It gives the women livelihood and extra income.

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